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AUI is proud to offer you a new market for Aviation. We provide coverage for:

  • Airports-Liability Coverage for Operations, Ownership and Use of an Airport (Public and Private)
  • Aircraft-Owned and Non-Owned; Fixed Wing and Rotorwing (Less Than 60 Seats)
    • Pleasure and Business Use Aircraft-Current Capacity: Hull Value-$5 Million; Aircraft Liability-$50 Million CSL Max
    • Newer Model Aircraft-SR-22, Cessna Mustang, Phenom 100, Bonanza, Baron, PC-12, TBM 700/800, etc. Minimum Premium-$7,500-Aircraft Hull and Liability (Older Aircraft May Also Be Considered)
    • Odd Aircraft (Not Experimental Category)-Owner Flown, Single Pilot
    • Transition Aircraft-Turbine and Piston, Including Rotorwing
  • *Key Issue is Pilot Training on All Risks. Focus on Formal/Solid Pilot Training within Last 12 Months and Annually

  • Control Tower-Liability Coverage for Private Independent Towers as Well as Subcontractors for FAA
  • Commercial General Liability-Ground-Based Risks Such as Aircraft Repair and Service, Avionics Repair and Service, Ground Handling Services, Fueling, Aircraft Cleaning and Airshows (Hangarkeepers Liability Also Available)

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