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Real Estate Investment Coverage

With a real estate investment market we can provide property and liability blanket coverage for real estate partnership/ investment firms with MULTIPLE PROPERTIES. Our markets offer monthly schedule of property reporting and premium payment with coverage limits up to $5M per building( with larger values available) on multiple homes regardless of age, location, construction features, or usage. Underwritten by A.M. Best (A+), S&P (A+) carriers.

Coverage Highlights

  • “All risk” property coverage to include wind, earthquake, flood and freeze coverage)
  • Commercial /Residential
  • Offering 5% Wind w AOP options of $2,500-25K
  • Includes GL
  • Cat Flood
  • Monthly Schedule Reporting / monthly self billing
  • Built-in Builder’s Risk for remodel/repairs option
  • Commercial/Residential Mix
  • Vacant/Rental
  • RC 80% or ACV
  • Loss of Rents
  • 90 Day E&O reporting
    • Concentration of risk
    • Unlimited additional insured’s LLC/LP’s etc
    • Year built
    • Usage
    • Construction type
    • Age of Roof
    • Protection features and class
    • Rental/Vacant
    • California/Florida/Harris County(TX)- Included

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Fax: 866-206-2343

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