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AUI has partnered with Ironshore to provide their new admitted suite of products for homes over $1 million coverage in CT, GA, NJ, NY and PA. They will be expanding into additional states over the coming months. Automobile insurance cannot be packaged with this program at this time. While Ironshore is focusing on writing primary residences along with other owned locations, monoline secondary or rental homes can be considered on an exception basis.

Product highlights are as follows by line of business:

  • Home
    • Minimum coverage A values of $1M and higher.
    • Current carrier inspections are accepted if they are less than three years old
    • Ability to buy-up or down limits for coverages B, C and D to meet actual needs
    • Deductible reduction plan for higher AOP deductibles which reduces the deductible for each loss-free year
    • Primary and excess flood can be endorsed onto policies based on risk location
    • Policies can be endorsed to accommodate renovation exposures
  • Collections
    • Itemized and blanket limits available with up to $150 million in capacity per policy
    • Credits available for jewelry schedules over $100k or art collections over $1 million
  • Personal Umbrella
    • Worldwide liability coverage afforded with limits from $1 million to $10 million
    • Domestic EPLI and Non-For-Profit D&O coverage enhancements offered
    • Third Party Uninsured and Underinsured coverage available (Fireman’s Fund and ACE policies are the only other policies that have this broad coverage)
  • AUI’s Reliance Risk Solutions team, the High Net Worth Personal Insurance division of Appalachian Underwriters, looks forward to speaking with you about this program and if it is the right fit for your insured.

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  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost Dwelling
  • Identity Theft Expenses — $25,000 Coverage
  • Water Backup — Up to Coverage A and Coverage C limits
  • Building Ordinance or Law — Up to Coverage A limit
  • Loss Assessment — $100,000 limit
  • Liability Limits — Up to $1 million
  • Personal Injury — Up to Coverage E limit
  • Watercraft — 26ft. or less with a max speed of 50mph
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage (optional) — Covers property under Coverage A, B and C. $250 deductible with $50,000 limit
  • Green Upgrades — Option to purchase up to $50,000 of coverage to rebuild dwelling with environmentally friendly material

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  • Email Submission:
  • Fax Submission: 888-220-1632