Work Comp


Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) step into many functions for the business. The cost of doing business can be burdensome for business, and a PEO is an effective outsource for some of the non-productive Human Resource tasks. A qualified PEO essentially provides Human Resource expertise and the skill to handle unemployment and workers' compensation claims, making available benefits typically an option only to larger operations, and assumes other employment related liabilities.

Doing business today is getting more and more complex. Insureds need to focus energy on productive functions. The value of a PEO is to outsource services and work to an expert that will spotlight compliance, recruiting and benefits -- all necessary to the health of a business but all non-productive functions.

These difficult economic times and the constant regulatory changes in play today force businesses and organizations to turn to PEOs for help. Time and compliance are of the essence and more companies are turning to PEOs to manage staffing. Many companies run with minimal staffing and employ a PEO as a necessity.

We understand the world of PEOs. We offer you a qualified, professional group of talented Workers Compensation underwriters to help you. Our underwriters are backed by partners with solid A.M. Best rating to support your PEO clients. Our staff has built proven management tools designed to help your insured manage the workers' compensation component.

  • Monthly Self Reporting Payment
  • Competitive Commission
  • Lower Minimum Premium