Work Comp

USL&H Marine

USL&H coverage is expensive. Failing to understand the need for the coverage can be much more expensive to you and your clients. We strive to be your market of choice for all your USL&H or Marine workers' compensation. We provide professional, technically proficient support to you and your maritime clients. Many other markets can handle main-street workers' compensation, but at AUI we have built out a staff of certified Marine underwriters so you can be confident to get information and support from a specialist in the industry.

Our knowledgeable underwriting staff can help you write more business and keep you and your client from the costly mistake of not knowing what is needed. Come to a market that can add more than price to the equation. We can help you be successful in writing much in the ULS&H and marine industries.

  • Minimum Premium: $10,000
  • State Act and USL&H Coverage
  • Availability in Most States
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Coverage and Other Coverage Enhancements
  • Diving Operations
  • Shipyards and Boat Repair

Workers' compensation is one need for marine operators. AUI Marine combines the USL&H workers' compensation and other types of marine coverage under one program. AUI Marine operates within our Brokerage Division. Your marine clients operate in a unique industry and the insurance requirements are equally complex. You and your insured deserve to work with qualified and specialized underwriters capable of helping you navigate through to success.

We look forward to working with you and your agency on all of your marine type business.